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Welcome to our website. Our goal is to provide eastern Wyoming, and western Nebraska with a reliable water well service. We are licensed or registered within three different states, which include Michigan, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Our main focus area is Cheyenne WY, but we are not afraid to travel within our 150 mile radius. We are affiliated with All Around Drilling S.E. and focus on the new pump installs and repairs of existing water wells for their customers. Make sure to contact us via email for a quote on your water well repairs, or call us if you are out of water.

DME&T Water Well Service — the most exceptional well pump installer & replacement provider in Wellington, CO!


DME&T Water Well Service is a licensed and certified water well company that aims to serve our customers with the highest quality well pump installation and repairs possible, especially for those who live in Cheyenne, South Greeley, Burns, Wheatland, Ranchettes, and the surrounding areas in WY. Our goal is to meet the local need for high-quality, affordable, and conventional water wells and water pump installation services using first-rate customer service. Whether it’s for an electric pump installation, water pressure issues or repairs, or even basic electrical repairs, our designated well pump installer is ready to help you. Out of all the water well companies or water well contractors in the area, we’ll make sure that you’ll only get the best and most outstanding well pump replacement and well pump maintenance from us.

Water Well Maintenance


We always strive for excellence as we make sure that all our customers in Cheyenne, South Greeley, Burns, Wheatland, Ranchettes, and the surrounding areas in WY are provided with functionally efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality workmanship most especially in our water well pump replacement and electrical installation services. Water well pump repair and replacement isn’t a DIY home plumbing project. Proper water well pump replacement, repair, and maintenance requires a knowledgeable and experienced well pump installer or well contractor who can provide the needed services without posing a risk of greater damage to your system. Whether it’s a water well pump maintenance job or something else entirely such as electrical pump repairs, we put quality above all else. We utilize superior quality repair parts, install quality well pump systems, and our team of full-time water well contractors is focused on delivering service that you’ll be fully satisfied with. As one of the most trusted water well companies in Cheyenne, South Greeley, Burns, Wheatland, Ranchettes, and the surrounding areas in WY, we truly want your home operating at its full potential, and an emphasis on quality in every aspect of our work is the best way to see that YOUR vision can become a reality with US!

Strong Customer Support


Just like other water well companies in Cheyenne, South Greeley, Burns, Wheatland, Ranchettes, and the surrounding areas in WY, we take pride in possessing strong customer support for all our customers. As your most trusted well pump installer for your property, we are always more than eager to attend to all your needs such as hydrant installation, pressure tank installation, water pressure issues, or even basic electrical repairs, whatever they may be, because we believe that good customer service is the cornerstone to outstanding business performance. Want to get your water wells fixed by the best well pump installer in town? Call us now!



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